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Tobermory seafront on the Isle of Mull - private tours with Drymen Red Bus Co.Castle hotel in Scotland - private Scotland tour Drymen Red Bus Co.Scottish Thistle - private tour Drymen Red Bus Co.Standing Stones on the Isle of Arran - private tour Drymen Red Bus Co.

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Discover Scotland's secret places
Tailor Made Tours for the Discerning Traveller

Discover Scotland
On the edge of Europe, Scotland's remote Highlands, Islands and lively cities offer a wealth of spectacular scenery, colourful history, magnificent monuments, a rich tapestry of culture and many surprises which the welcoming Scots love to share with you!

Your Scotland Tour
Let us design your Scotland Tour: tailor made to your interests we take care to give you the authentic and individual experience of Scotland you are looking for.

Your Vehicle
We offer transportation in new comfortable vehicles according to the size of your party for up to 8 persons plus luggage. Should you require a larger vehicle or prefer a smaller one, we are happy to organise this for you.

Personal And Flexible
We create a flexible, well supported, organised and personal travel environment to ensure that you can enjoy Scotland, savour, learn, connect and relax as you choose, in the company of your private Scotland Expert.

History, Wildlife, Castles, Whisky, Walking, Golf ...
We build itineraries for you which include lots more on top of Sightseeing: join a guided walk into the hills or a game of golf, visit magnificent medieval castles, sample the whisky en route, taste some fabulous Scottish food and be ready for some wonderful surprises: glorious tropical gardens, 5000 year old stone circles, Scottish life as we stumble upon it and some of Europe's most outstandingly beautiful wilderness landscapes.

Places Off The Beaten Track
Our tours allow the flexibility for visiting Scotland's special places and enjoying the journey at leisure to explore and stop where you choose.

Explore And Take Your Time
Explore a castle, catch a boat to a romantic island, stop for a 'wee dram' at a traditional whisky distillery or to watch seals basking on the shore, spot an eagle or simply enjoy an outstanding view and meet the Scots in one of their lovely pubs for a cosy blether (chat).

Tour Planning, Accommodation and Itineraries
We can plan your entire journey in Scotland and help you achieve your perfect tour.

A wonderful trip and a unique experience of beautiful areas of Scotland. This beats the big operators hands down for enjoyment and value. We took time to 'smell the roses'.

If you want to explore Scotland please get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you!

Schottlandreise mit deutschsprachiger Reiseleitung Schottlandreise mit deutschsprachiger Reiseleitung - Drymen Red Bus Co.
Wir sprechen Deutsch im Büro, im Bus und unterwegs, bitte melden Sie sich mit Ihren Reisewünschen bei uns.

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Exploring a Scottish Castle - private tour Drymen Red Bus Co.